Hello you beautiful people!!!! It's Monday March 27, 2017 and I'm feeling the need to create a blog about this keychain with a little Heart full of LOVE!  I made the keychain for my son's girlfriend on her 16th birthday! She's got a huge heart and I felt it fitting to give her something to show her how much we appreciate her and the quality she possess that is sometimes hard to find nowadays! She's a keeper for sure!  ;)  I hope you enjoy the tutorial as much as I enjoyed making the keychain!  


- DK weight yarn - Drops Muskat used in samples https://www.lovecrochet.com/us/drops-muskat

- 3.75mm hook - or hook that coincides with yarn weight used

- 3 beads - I use glass beads - JoAnn Fabrics

- 3-4 jumper rings - JoAnn Fabrics

- Round nose pliers with cutters

- 1 eye pin - for beads

- 1 keychain (I used the keychain from a fur pom pom keychain I bought on sale at Walmart)

- small amount of stuffing

- scissors

- darning needle (not shown)


I got the idea while hunting for a small stuffed crochet heart pattern.  The pattern I liked the most can be found at Ami Amore - 


I didn't change a thing from the pattern found at the link above- once you create your heart, come back here and follow the steps listed and photos to create your very own Heart Full of LOVE Keychain!  

A note before you get started:  

When I created the heart I left a long tail to use as my stitch marker for the rounds. I just pulled the tail through the last stitch of every round and then when you get to the end of the heart, you have something you can weave up through the middle and use to create the little loop the jumper ring connects to. See pictures - 

Here is a picture of the size of heart the Drops Muskat made - 

Now that you have your heart completed, take the tail end and weave it up through the middle and between the two humps of the heart. I created the loop by threading it through the top and leaving a small loop (see the second picture above), then weaved it back through several more times, being careful not to pull the loop too small.  This is alot easier than it is to explain.  Once you have that completed, it will look similar to this - 

The next step is create the "chain" portion of the keychain.  I took two somewhat clear pink beads and one solid pink bead to create the one in the pictures below.  You'll need to use an eye pin so you have a loop to connect to on the bottom and the top.  See the picture - 

You will need to make a loop at the top of the pin.  I took my round nose pliers and cut the metal down to about a half inch from the beads, then took the pliers and curled the wire over to create a loop similar to the bottom one. This may take some time if you aren't familiar with using these tools.  You'll get it though! I promise!  

The last steps are the jumper ring attachment and assembly. Honestly, adding the jumper ring to the heart was the most frustrating part - getting it closed.  Here are a few pictures to show how to open them, how far I opened them, and the ring added to the heart. 

Adding the other jumper rings isn't as difficult in my opinion.  You'll use one more to connect the ring on the heart to the chain portion, and then one at the top of the chain to the actual keychain itself. See the pictures to finish up!  

You now have a Heart Full of LOVE keychain to gift to someone special in your life! I hope you enjoyed the tutorial!  

Please feel free to email with questions -


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