One of my favorite topics to discuss in conversation is Harry Potter! And, that means anything Harry Potter!  I fell in love with the books back in college when the first one was released.  I love getting lost in my own Harry Potter world constantly going in my mind!  I enjoy meeting other HP fans and finding out what their thoughts are on the fasinating world J.K. Rowling created!  Another one my favorite happenings is when multiple obesssions merge together!  This is where my crochet obession comes into the conversation!  

A good friend of mine asked me to make HP house themed scarves for her children's birthdays and I was hysterically excited to create these, in my eyes, the best birthday present a child can receive!  I honestly think I had as much fun making them, as the kids did receiving them!  My question to you who are reading this blog post...are you as big of a Harry Potter freak as me?!!!!!!! 

Now, on to the pattern!  I have included pictures of Ravenclaw House, Hufflepuff House and Gryffindor House scarves and their suggested yarns listed below them. I unfortunatley at the time of writing this post, have yet to make the Slytherin House scarf.  :(  I'm not getting any type of reimbursement from JoAnn's for suggesting their yarns, I just really like the quality and price!  I would also like to mention I am not making this a paid pattern due to infringment rights on the Harry Potter trademarked name.  Feel free to share my pattern and blog, but I do ask to receive the credit when listed as the pattern used and I also ask to please refrain from copying and listing the pattern as your own! Now, on with the good stuff!  :)  


Gryffindor House Scarf yarn suggestions:  Big Twist Premium Yarn in Garnet & Tumeric

Hufflepuff House Scarf yarn suggestions:  Big Twist Baby Yarn in Dandelion and Vanna's Choice in Black

Ravenclaw House Scarf yarn suggestions:  Big Twist Sincerely Yarn in Navy Blue & Light Gray

Slytherin House Scarf yarn suggestions:  Big Twist Premium Yarn in Kale & Lead

Supplies needed:

5.5mm crochet hook

500 yards of main color

125 yards of contrasting color

darning needle

Crochet terminology:

Fhdc:  Foundation half double crochet

Hdc:  Half double crochet

Dc:  Double crochet

Ch:  Chain


Notes:  Start with main color for house scarf of choice.  Stitch count for each row is going to be 28.  The turning chain does not count as a stitch, EXCEPT for the very first stitch in your foundation chain.  If you aren't familiar with a Fhdc, here is a link to click on for instructions:

Row 1:  Fhdc 28, ch 1, turn 

Row 2:  Hdc in same stitch as turning ch, Hdc 27, ch 1, turn 

Row 3-14:  Repeat row 2 

Row 15:  Repeat row 2, except switch to contrasting color when finishing last hdc of the row, ch 2 (instead of ch1), turn

Row 16: Dc in same stitch as turning ch, dc 27 switching  back to main color in last dc of the row, ch 2, turn

Row 17:  Repeat row 16, making sure to switch to contrasting color in last stitch

Row 18: Repeat row 16, change to main color in last stitch, ch 1 (instead of ch 2), turn

Repeat the folowing sequence listed above for a total of 10 sets of stripes, finishing with 15 rows of main color, fasten off and weave in ends.  You will have 15 rows of hdc's in between each stripe set.  

Fringe:  Cut 56 pieces of yarn measuring 15 inches each.  Place one piece of yarn in each stitch on both ends of the scarf, so 28 pieces on each end.  See picture for reference.  If you need help with adding fringe, see the link below:

And...that's it folks!  You now have an fabulous Harry Potter House Scarf to add to your wardrobe!  

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Peace, Knit & Crochet-

Kathleen Moehr

Owner & Designer Chloe's Fiber Arts